Important facts to know about SR22 coverage

Understanding SR22 coverage for your state is important for anyone with a suspended driver's license. Your license can be suspended due to many different reasons, such as driving without insurance, DUI/DWI, or if you receive multiple driving infractions. However, SR22 coverage gives you the ability to drive a vehicle, as you will need this certificate for a specific amount of time according to the local laws in your area.

What are the Different Types of SR22 Coverage?

SR22 insurance is available for drivers in numerous ways. For example, operator/owner is a type of SR22 insurance for any driver that owns a vehicle but also rent it out or borrow other vehicles on occasion. On the other hand, Operator or Non-Owner SR22 coverage is for drivers that borrow or rent a vehicle on occasion but do not own their own vehicle. Owner SR22 insurance is also available for anyone that exclusively owns their vehicle. Reaching out to an SR22 insurance provider is a good idea to help you find the coverage that best matches your needs.

How Do You File for an SR22?

Filing for SR22 insurance is more complicated than getting traditional insurance coverage, as it must be filed by an auto insurance provider instead of yourself. Not every auto insurance company covers high-risk drivers, as you may need to look at multiple insurance providers to find a company that best meets your needs. You will also usually have to wait a month until the filing is approved, as you will not be able to legally drive until the SR22 has been approved by your local DMV. Once approved, you should always keep a copy of your paperwork in the glove box.

How Long Will You Need SR22 Coverage?

The amount of time for needing SR22 insurance will depend on a variety of factors, such as your points on your license, driving status, and legal requirements. Many times an SR22 certificate is required anywhere between two to five years. Typically, the average is around three years for the majority of drivers. However, repeat offenders will use need SR22 insurance for a longer period. It is also important to avoid additional violations while you have SR22 insurance.

Those who’ve committed more serious driving offenses or are repeat offenders will usually be required to have SR22 insurance for a longer time. While driving with an SR22 certificate, it’s important to avoid moving traffic violations or other incidents that could reflect badly on your driving record.

How Much Does an SR22 Usually Cost?

You can usually choose from a variety of options to find the cheapest SR22 insurance available. Typically, a filing fee is around $25. It is also important to never let your insurance lapse of you will have to pay additional fees, and your time requirement for an SR22 will restart from scratch. Many times your insurance rates will also increase due to being considered a high-risk driver.

Understanding these basic facts about SR22 insurance is always well worth your time in helping you find the best coverage in your area.